Respond by 4 August to get your Entrust dividend

Don’t miss the closing date to check your Entrust payment preference form

17 July 2023

If you live in the Entrust District (central, east, and south Auckland), and haven’t checked your letterbox or inbox for a while, there might be an important piece of mail waiting for you that contains good news for a change! That is your Entrust dividend ‘payment preference’ form which should now be with you, and that you need to provide a response to by 4 August.

If your electricity retailer has provided us with your email address, you will have been sent an email with an access code so that you can check or update your details online.

The form will have been sent by post if they haven’t provided us with your email address. Once you have your form, you need to double-check it to ensure that your payment details are correct.

“The Entrust dividend is highly anticipated by eligible Aucklanders every year, and with costs of living so high, it will make even more of a difference this year,” says Entrust Chair, William Cairns.

“With so many of us finding it harder to cover everyday living costs, every little bit helps, and we want to ensure that everyone gets their dividend pay-out on time.”

“If your payment details have changed, your form must be updated and returned to us no later than Friday 04 August 2023,” explains Cairns.

“If you’ve received a form and your details are correct, you don’t need to do anything – just wait for your money, or a credit to your electricity bill, to arrive in late September this year.”

To check if you are eligible to receive the Entrust dividend, head to or

If you have not yet received an Entrust payment preference form but have checked and believe you are eligible, please email Entrust at or call 0800 4 ENTRUST (0800 436 878)