01 October 2021

I hereby give notice that the 2021 Annual Meeting of Beneficiaries scheduled for Thursday 28 October 2021 will be postponed due to Covid-19 alert level restrictions.

The Electricity Industry Act 2010, pursuant to which Entrust is required to hold an annual meeting in each of its financial years, does not allow for a virtual meeting to be held and Trustees have determined that the annual meeting should be held when Auckland is in alert level 1 to enable all Entrust beneficiaries who wish to attend the annual meeting to be able to do so.

Accordingly, after Auckland is in alert level 1 and allowing time to organise a new meeting, details of a new date will be published in the NZ Herald and on the Entrust website.

Availability of Financial Statements

The minutes of the annual meeting of beneficiaries held on 29 October 2020 are on the Entrust website and the audited consolidated financial statements of Entrust for the 12 months ended 30 June 2021 will be available on the website from 14 October 2021 as per usual process.

William Cairns,