Entrust District

Entrust District map

The Entrust District covers central, east and south Auckland. It is the areas of Auckland, Manukau, northern Papakura and eastern Franklin that were in the old Auckland Electric Power board.

To be eligible for the Entrust dividend, you must be the account holder at an ICP on the Vector electricity network inside the Entrust District on the roll date.

Note that there are some properties and streets inside the map area which are not on the Vector electricity network. More information about these is available here.

About the Entrust District

The Entrust District is the area that used to be covered by the Auckland Electric Power Board.

Entrust was established in 1993 to take care of the assets in the old Auckland Electric Power Board as part of the power reforms of the 1990s.

At that time, all power boards had to make changes to the way they were set up. In the Auckland Electric Power board area it was decided to set up a consumer trust, to hold the assets of the power board on behalf of consumers. This has resulted in consumers in the Entrust District receiving a dividend every year from Entrust.

In other power board districts here’s what happened:

  • The Waitemata Electric Power Board (North Shore, West Auckland, Orewa, Whangaparaoa). People were given shares in the power board which they could sell. Became a public company (UNL), which was bought by Vector in 2002.
  • The Franklin Electric Power Board (in southern Papakura, Counties and Franklin Districts) Now called Counties Power. Owned by Counties Power Trust which pays out discounts to consumers’ power accounts.
  • North Auckland Power Board (includes Kaipara area). Now called Northpower. Owned by Northpower Electric Power Trust which pays out credits to consumers’ power accounts.

People in areas outside the Entrust District do not receive the Entrust dividend. They are part of other districts and are therefore not eligible for the Entrust dividend.