Entrust Dividend

Getting an Entrust dividend each year is one of the best things about living in Auckland. 

The 2021 Entrust dividend is out now. It is paid by direct credit to a bank account or as a credit to a power account.

Direct Credit payments:

If you are eligible but haven’t received your payment yet, you will have been sent a dividend notification form to complete with your bank account details so we can make payment to your bank account. When you get your form, fill it out and email it back so we can complete your payment to your bank account. You have two years (until 21 September 2023) to get your form back to us. If you haven’t received your form, call us on Freephone 0508 368 7878.

Credit to Power Accounts:

Details of your credit have been provided to your electricity retailer and they will credit your power bill. Depending on your billing cycle, it may take around four weeks to process this credit.


Banks are no longer accepting cheques so we couldn’t send cheques this year. If we couldn’t complete your payment by direct credit to your bank account or as a credit to your power account, you will have been sent a dividend notification form as detailed above.

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Who Qualifies

Are you eligible for the Entrust dividend? Not sure if you should have received the Entrust dividend? There are three conditions you need to meet.

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Entrust District

The Entrust District is: Auckland, Manukau, northern Papakura and eastern Franklin.

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How it helps the community

We pay over 346,000 households and businesses an Entrust dividend each year, and each one of them has a story to tell about the dividend.

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For dividend enquiries phone Freephone 0508 ENTRUST (0508 368 7878)

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Helpful information in five other languages

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Tax Certificates

Entitled to a lower tax rate? We can give you a copy of a standard tax certificate or an RWT-exempt certificate.

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