Do it online

Provide your payment details on our secure web page

Access our secure web page here.

You can now provide your payment details online using our secure web page. Just follow the instructions we sent you by email or in the post. You will also need your ICP number which you can find on your power bill or app, or see Find my ICP here.

Please note, to pay the dividend, we do need your bank account name and number so we can pay the money into your bank account.

We can’t do anything with that number except pay you.

Be aware, we never, ever ask for your bank password.

We only need the account name and number.

If anyone asks for your bank password, they are not us, don’t give it to them.

For more information about our secure web page, see the FAQs here.

If you need further help, call us on 0800 436 878.