Current projects

The current major undergrounding projects are shown below.

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St Heliers undergrounding project 2022-2023

The St Heliers undergrounding project, bordered by Maskell Street, Sylvia Road and Glover Road, consists of 15 streets, with a combined street length of 6.3km, 420 poles and benefitting 820 customers. It is a significant project and will result in the removal of 14.9km of overhead electricity lines. The project commenced in early 2022 and is expected to be complete in April 2024.

Recent projects

Mt Albert undergrounding project 2021-2022

The Mt Albert undergrounding project, bound by Oakley Creek, New North Road, Carrington Road and Unitec, consists of 16 streets, with a combined street length of 5.4km, 166 poles and benefitting 867 customers. It is a significant project and will result in the removal of 10.2km of overhead electricity lines. Vector completed its work in mid 2022.

Encountering volcanic rock

In Mt Albert, there is a lot of volcanic rock close to the ground surface. This meant that in some areas, crews were prevented from using modern trenchless technology, like thrusting and directional drilling, which are typically faster and less disruptive. Instead, the team often had to dig trenches with diggers and rock breakers to get the new underground services down deep enough to ensure they are well protected. As you would expect, encountering a lot of rock means timeframes and costs can also increase.

Crews also brought in specialist ground penetrating radar to determine the depth of the rock before excavation, so they could determine the best way to undertake the work, and with the least amount of disruption to residents.

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