Who Qualifies

Are you eligible for the Entrust dividend? Not sure if you should have received the Entrust dividend? There are 3 conditions you need to meet.

The first condition is about the eligibility date. Please note, that date changes every year. The following information includes the eligibility date for the 2019 dividend. Although the date changes each year, the basic rules remain the same every year.

They're about:

  • being in the Entrust District on the roll date (7 August 2019) AND
  • paying Vector electricity lines charges as part of your power bill AND
  • being the person named on the power bill

The following information applies to 2019 dividend.

Are you eligible for the dividend?

If you are eligible for the dividend but haven’t received it, please call us for more help on 0508 ENTRUST (0508 368 7878).


Entrust beneficiaries

There are two types of Entrust beneficiaries: income beneficiaries and capital beneficiaries.

1. Entrust income beneficiaries

Are you in line for a dividend? Find out below.

People and organisations that receive an Entrust dividend are called income beneficiaries, because they benefit from Entrust’s majority shareholding in Vector by receiving a dividend (that’s the income).

Entrust income beneficiaries are made up of Vector Electricity customers in the Entrust District which is Auckland, Manukau, northern Papakura and eastern Franklin (the old AEPB area). Entrust has more than 336,000 income beneficiaries, making it the largest consumer trust in New Zealand.

Check this map to see if your home or business is inside the Entrust area.

2. Entrust capital beneficiaries

Entrust capital beneficiaries don’t receive a dividend, but will become the owners of the Entrust’s assets when the Entrust is wound up in 2073 (this was part of the Trust Deed that established the Entrust). The capital beneficiaries will be the local authority or authorities that exist in the Entrust District in 2073.

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