New AECT Trustees have been announced by the returning officer following the conclusion of the 2015 election and include the re-election of experienced Trustees and also a new Trustee, who together will make up the Trust for the next three years.

Incumbent Trustees Mike Buczkowski, William Cairns, James Carmichael and Karen Sherry were re-elected and Dr Paul Hutchison was elected as a new Trustee.

Dr Hutchison was Member of Parliament from 1999 to 2014, representing the electorate of Hunua. Dr Hutchison says he is delighted to be elected and is looking forward to being involved with AECT and is committed to protecting the dividend for Trust beneficiaries. Click here to see Trustee profiles.

The 2015 election also saw Warren Kyd, who was Deputy Chair and a Trustee retiring after 12 years of service.