Details changed? Return your updated form by 8 August to receive Entrust’s (formerly Auckland Energy Consumer Trust) annual dividend payment

The clock is ticking for nearly 320,000 Auckland electricity customers to return the forms ensuring they receive their annual Entrust dividend payment by their preferred payment method.

Entrust beneficiaries received forms in June this year allowing them to choose how they’d like to receive their dividend: either directly into their bank account, by cheque, or as credit to their power account. Not everyone needs to return their form, only those who are new to Auckland, have changed their electricity retailer or wish to change their payment method.

“We want you to receive your payment as quickly and easily as possible. So, check your details are correct, let us know how you’d like to receive your money and return the form to us by 8 August,” says Entrust Deputy Chairman Michael Buczkowski.

The dividend is available to residents in the catchment zone encompassing Auckland, Manukau, northern parts of Papakura and Eastern Franklin.

Mr Buczkowski says that over the last 20 years Entrust dividends have contributed more than $1 billion to the Auckland economy with many residents spending their payment in local businesses across the city.

“At the Trust, we’ve received lots of positive feedback over the years telling us what a difference the dividend makes to the lives of beneficiaries. It helps people with everything from the weekly grocery shop to doctors’ bills. It’s important that we’re able to continue helping people for the lifetime of Entrust and make a difference to people’s lives,” he says.

Entrust is the new name for the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust (AECT). A combination of energy and trust, Entrust is a private trust that owns a 75.4% majority shareholding in Vector on behalf of its 320,000 beneficiaries and pays a dividend to those beneficiaries each year. Over the last 20 years the dividends have contributed more than $1 billion to the Auckland economy.