Three easy steps to Entrust annual dividend, two ways to be paid, one massive cash injection for Auckland

Entrust is kicking off its dividend payment process this week, that will see 364,000 central, east, and south Aucklanders receive a dividend in September.

Letters and emails are winging their way to Aucklanders in the Entrust district asking for 2024 payment preferences, so that when dividend payment time comes, things go smoothly, says Entrust Chairman William Cairns.

“It’s a massive exercise to get ready to pay the dividend, and we’re doing everything we can to make things really easy.”

There are three easy steps to getting the 2024 dividend:

  1. Check letterbox or email in-box for the Entrust form – out this week
  2. If account holder details are correct and you don’t want to change the payment method (direct credit to bank account/credit to power account) do nothing. Otherwise, update payment details online via Entrust’s secure web platform, by 5:00pm on Friday 02 August. Change all other details such as account name with electricity retailer.
  3. To receive future Entrust communications via email, check and update email details with your electricity retailer.

Eligible power customers get to choose how they receive the Entrust dividend; either directly to bank accounts, or as a credit to power accounts. To be eligible to receive the 2024 dividend, you must be a power account holder connected to Vector’s electricity network as of the roll date.

Last year, Entrust launched its secure web platform allowing people to update their bank account details online, says Mr Cairns.

“Having the platform offers a better and more streamlined experience for our dividend recipients, as well as being more sustainable. It’s the quickest way to update payment preferences for the Entrust dividend.”

The annual Entrust dividend provides a $120m+ cash injection to communities in central, east, and south Auckland. Since 1994, these communities have received more than $2 billion in dividends from Entrust that come from its majority ownership of listed energy company Vector.

For those unsure about their eligibility for this payment, check out the map and list of eligibility criteria along with FAQs at or