Time is running out - check the details on your Entrust form to receive this year’s dividend.

22 July 2022

If you pay a household or business electricity bill and live in the Entrust District of, central, east, and south Auckland, you should by now have received an Entrust ‘payment preference’ form. Entrust recommends everyone carefully double-checks their form to make sure payment details are correct.

“The Entrust dividend has paid out over $2 billion since 1994,” says Entrust Chair, William Cairns. “We know things aren’t easy out there right now, and we want every eligible Aucklander to get this year’s dividend pay-out on time.”

“If your payment details have changed, your form must be updated and returned to us no later than Friday 05 August 2022,” explains Cairns.

“If you’ve received a form and your details are correct, you don’t need to do anything – just wait for your money, or a credit to your electricity bill, to arrive in late September this year.”

To check if you are eligible to receive the Entrust dividend, head to www.entrustnz.co.nz or www.facebook.com/entrustnz.

If you have not yet received an Entrust payment preference form but have checked and believe you are eligible, please email Entrust at dividend@entrustdividend.co.nz or call 0800 4 ENTRUST (0800 436 878)