The announcement of a strategic collaboration between Vector and X (formerly Google X) was welcomed by Entrust trustees today.

Entrust Chairman, William Cairns said Trustees were supportive of Vector being at the forefront of energy transformation and the digitalisation of the energy sector. Today’s announcement, following the July 2020 announcement regarding a strategic alliance between Vector and Amazon Web Services (AWS) validates Vector’s long held strategy that global partnerships focused on key challenges are important to our success.

The Vector and AWS strategic alliance team is developing the New Energy Platform, an Internet of Things (IoT) and analytics solution for the energy industry, the first in Australia and New Zealand. This platform will provide five-minute settlement data in the first instance with the goal of moving to near real time and will support energy retailers to provide tailored products and services.

Mr Cairns said both collaborations would benefit Auckland beneficiaries with Vector working with each organisation to develop solutions using cutting edge technology which will assist the transformation of the electricity network. Vector and X are working together on network visualisation and simulation technology to help decarbonise and proactively prepare for an increase in the use of electric vehicles, battery storage and renewable generation, while also focussing on affordability and reliability.

“It is fantastic to see world leading technology innovators recognising the skills and expertise of the Vector team and wanting to work alongside them to achieve shared goals,” he said.

Mr Cairns said this was an exciting development not only for Auckland but for the wider energy sector and Entrust will be tracking progress with great interest.