G’day, it’s Kenny the Kingfisher here and as you can see, we have changed our name from the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust (or AECT) to a new name, Entrust.

It’s not a major change, just a simple combination of energy and trust – Entrust.

So why did we do that?

It’s simply to help everyone understand who we are and what we do.

Before our new name, you might have known us simply as the organisation which sends you a cheque in the mail every year. When we were the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust or AECT, you may even have thought we were part of Auckland Council or Government.

The fact is, we’re a private-sector trust whose purpose is to look after our investment in Vector and pay you your share of our dividend each year. We were set up to do that until 2073.

We’re going to keep right on doing that under our new name, Entrust.

So from now on, look out for the annual Entrust dividend. It will be winging its way to your letterbox in late September every year, just like it always did. Only now, it comes with our new name: Entrust.

See you at dividend time.