Entrust dividend to provide some relief amid high cost of living

Getting a boost to your bank account is now only a click away

23 June 2023

With high prices hitting our pockets now more than ever, Entrust’s 2023 annual dividend payment will be a welcome reprieve this spring.

Getting this payment is a straightforward process; eligible Aucklanders within the Entrust District simply need to double check the payment details on Entrust’s payment preference forms. These forms are being sent out this week by post or for those who receive an email from us they can access our new secure online facility.

Entrust Chairman, William Cairns, says Trustees are excited to launch an online option for beneficiaries to update their payment preference details this year.

“I know that it can seem like a hassle to complete the form, but it will only take a few minutes. For many, this will just involve checking over the form to ensure that their details haven’t changed from last year.”

For the first time this year, Aucklanders within the Entrust District of central, east, and south Auckland, who have provided their electricity retailer with an email address, will be able to update their payment details online. They will be sent an email from Entrust with instructions explaining how to do this.

If Entrust is not supplied with an email address by the electricity retailer, a payment form will be sent out in the post, and these will need to be completed and returned if there are changes. If you receive your payment form in the post this year but would like to do it online in the future, you need to update your email details with your electricity retailer.

“With costs of living going through the roof, this year has been incredibly tough for many Aucklanders. The Entrust dividend payment will hopefully provide some relief and help to cover everyday costs, such as rent, petrol or groceries, or it may be used as a power bill credit. Some Aucklanders who received the dividend last year told us they used it to take their family on a special outing they could not otherwise have afforded such as a day out at the Zoo or the movies. Every little bit helps, and we look forward to hearing about the difference the dividend makes this year,” says Mr Cairns.

Those receiving the forms via post or online get to choose whether they want the September dividend payment credited to their bank account or used as a credit on their power account. For those who are not sure if they are eligible for this payment, there is a map and list of eligibility criteria along with answers to commonly asked questions at www.entrustnz.co.nz.

Whether your form arrives via email or in the post, Entrust will need to receive any updated payment details by no later than Friday 04 August.

The Entrust dividend is New Zealand’s largest dividend pay-out, with over $2 billion paid out to Aucklanders since 1994. Last year, 351,000 households and businesses received $273 plus an extra $30 from Vector, injecting $95.8 million into the Auckland economy.

For further information, head to www.entrustnz.co.nz or www.facebook.com/entrustnz