Entrust prepares for Divvy Day 2017

More than $100 million will be winging its way to more than 320,000 homes and businesses in Auckland later this year when Entrust pays its annual dividend.

The process for the September payment starts now. Every single home and business whose name is on a power bill in the Entrust district will be contacted this week to make sure that they receive their dividend the way they want it.

Dividend update letters are on their way, says Entrust Chairman William Cairns.

“Forms only need to be returned if details need changing, or if a different payment method is preferred. People can choose from several payment options, but the fastest by far is direct credit.

“For those who want to get their dividend money quickly, direct credit is the best option. It saves a trip to the bank and means that the funds can be accessed straight away.

“We want the dividend payment to hundreds of thousands of Aucklanders to be as quick and as trouble-free as possible,” said Mr Cairns.

To make sure you receive your dividend:

  • Check the name and details on your power bill are correct
  • If they’re not, contact your electricity retailer to change them
  • Ensure your bank account is in the same name as your power bill
  • Organise direct credit for the fastest and easiest payment
  • If you need to change your details, or payment method get your form back to Entrust by 7 August.

The dividend is paid in September to homes and businesses in the Entrust district* (encompassing Auckland, Manukau, northern parts of Papakura and eastern Franklin) that are connected to Vector’s electricity network.

“Last year the dividend was $345 - that’s a significant amount for most households and we know that it makes a real difference to those who receive it. Entrust is proud it can have such a positive impact on the lives of so many Aucklanders,” said Mr Cairns.

Update forms will be appearing in mailboxes from today. For more information visit www.entrustnz.co.nz or www.facebook.com/entrustnz