Entrust announced today it would be changing its representation on the Vector Board at the Vector Annual Shareholder Meeting on 27 September 2018, with Michael Buczkowski joining the board as a trustee director, replacing James Carmichael.

Entrust Chairman William Cairns said Mr Buczkowski has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from University of Auckland as well as an MBA, and was a registered electrical engineer for 15 years, all of which were relevant to Vector and would see him immediately add value to the Vector board.

He said Mr Buczkowski would bring a fresh perspective to the Board as would the two new Australian based directors who were appointed by the Board earlier in the year.

Mr Cairns said this change followed a decision Entrust made in May to not support the re-election of Vector Chair Michael Stiassny at the upcoming Vector Annual Shareholder Meeting, scheduled for 27 September 2018.

He said Mr Carmichael had represented Entrust on the Vector Board since October 2008 and in line with good governance practice in regard to tenure, it was timely for a refresh of the person in the role. 

Mr Cairns thanked both Mr Carmichael and Mr Stiassny for their long service to Vector.