Submissions to the Commerce Commission

Below are all the submissions that the Entrust has made to the Commerce Commission.

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Submission on the 2023 Input Methodologies Review Draft Decisions, 19 July 2023

Download PDF 503KB

Submission on Misuse of Market Power Guidelines, 16 November 2022

Download PDF 124KB

Submission on the Gas DPP3 Reset, 14 March 2022

Download PDF 145KB

Submission on EDB DPP Reset Draft Decisions Paper, 18 July 2019

Download PDF 324KB

Submission on Authority Commission Joint Project Spotlight On Emerging Contestable Services, 12 April 2019

Download PDF 171KB

Submission on Open Letter on Distribution Sector Work Priorities And 2020 DPP Reset Focus Areas, 18 December 2017

Download PDF 528KB

Submission on WAAC Percentiles, March 2014

Download PDF 245KB

Submission on Input Methodologies Revised Draft Determinations, 12 November 2010

Download PDF 132KB

Submission on Input Methodologies Cost Capital, 13 August 2010

Download PDF 2MB

Submission on Input Methodologies Cost Allocation, 9 August 2010

Download PDF 1MB