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Below are submissions to other regulators

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Submission to the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee on the Taxation (Annual Rates for 2023-2024, Multinational Tax and Remedial Matters) Bill, 10 July 2023

Download PDF 186KB

Submission to Climate Change Commission on Climate Action in New Zealand, 25 March 2021

Download PDF 280KB

Submission to the Justice Select Committee Inquiry into the 2019 Local Elections and Liquor Licensing Trust Elections and Recent Trust Elections on 28 February 2020

Download PDF 93KB

Submission to Ministry for Environment in Response to Zero Carbon Bill Entrust Supports Initiatives to Promote Sustainable Growth and Better Outcomes for our Communities, 18 July 2018

Download PDF 95KB

Submission to the Finance and Expenditure on the Taxation (Annual Rates for 2018 19, Modernising Tax Administration, and Remedial Matters) Bill August 2018

Download PDF 244KB

Submission to the Justice Committee on Trusts Bill (290-1), 5 March 2018

Download PDF 469KB