Entrust Dividend

The next Entrust dividend will be paid in late September. Details are in our recent mail packs. Banks aren’t taking cheques anymore so your payment options are either to your bank account or to your power account. Check your details and let us know how you'd like to be paid by Friday 6 August.

Getting an Entrust dividend each year is one of the best things about living in Auckland. 

Your Entrust dividend is a direct result of our 75.1% shareholding in Vector. When Vector pays a dividend, 75.1% of that goes to us, and almost all of it is passed on to you. It’s one more way that, with Entrust, the power’s in your hands.

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Who Qualifies
Who Qualifies

Are you eligible for the Entrust dividend? Not sure if you should have received the Entrust dividend? There are three conditions you need to meet.

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