Submissions to the Electricity Authority

Below are all the submissions made to the Electricity Authority.

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  • Consultation Paper on Internal Transfer Prices and segmented profitability, 18 May 2021
    Download PDF 314KB
  • Letter to Electricity Authority regarding issues with proposed TPM and CBA, 20 May 2020
    Download PDF 219KB
  • Entrust submission on the TPM Supplementary Consultation, 3 March 2020
    Download PDF 139KB
  • Submissions from Cape Reinga to Bluff demonstrate serious problems with the Electricity Authority’s TPM plans, 30 October 2019
    Download PDF 130KB
  • Submission in response to the Electricity Authority’s 2019 DDA proposals: Public Version, 15 October 2019
    Download PDF 790KB
  • Electricity Authority TPM changes will 'fleece' Kiwi consumers and the regions, 26 September 2019
    Download PDF 181KB
  • Consultation Paper 2019/20 Appropriations, 10 December 2018
    Download PDF 527KB
  • Consumers deserve a better deal, 13 August 2018
    Download PDF 155KB
  • A large number of households are missing out on the benefits of competition, 29 June 2018
    Download PDF 206KB
  • Entrust doesn’t support expansion of the Electricity Authority’s 2018/19 work programme, 7 May 2018
    Download PDF 172KB
  • Submission to the Electricity Authority on “equal access”, 10 April 2018
    Download PDF 254KB
  • Submission to the Electricity Authority on Multiple Trading Relationships, 21 February 2018
    Download PDF 319KB
  • Submission to the Electricity Authority on 2018/19 appropriations and work priorities, 18 December 2017
    Download PDF 446KB
  • Comments regarding the answers provided by Oakley Greenwood in the Q&A session on CBA calculations, 4 April 2017
    Download PDF 241KB
  • Cross-submission to Electricity Authority TPM Second Issues Paper – supplementary consultation, 24 March 2017
    Download PDF 363KB
  • Transmission Pricing: Second Issues Paper - Supplementary Consultation, 24 February 2017
    Download PDF 5MB
  • Transmission Pricing: Second Issues Paper, 22 July 2016
    Download PDF 445KB
  • Video Submission
  • Auckland Energy Consumer Trust submission to the Electricity Authority: Default agreement for distribution services, 19 April 2016
    Download PDF 507KB
  • Transmission Pricing: Options Working Paper, 11 August 2015
    Download PDF 93KB
  • Submission to the Electricity Authority: Standardisation of Use-of-System Agreements, April 2014
    Download PDF 383KB
  • AECT Response to Questions from the EA on Retail Data, 4 March 2014
    Download PDF 307KB
  • Proposal to Electricity Authority: Pricing Methodology, February 2014
    Download PDF 444KB